"To see what few have seen, you must go where few have gone."

-The Buddha


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The New Book is out now!!

British Traditions - Reading Insights into UK Culture

Todd Jay Leonard / Lynne Parmenter

  1. Cover wide range of topics from The Beatles, soccer, pubs and Queen Elizabeth.

  2. Improve comprehensive language performance mainly through reading based activities.

  3. Listening activities which relate to students views of British culture.

  4. Extensive vocabulary building exercises.


Also Now Available!!

American Traditions

- A Cross-Cultural Skills-Based Reader of Essays

Todd Jay Leonard

  1. Introduces students to a variety of American traditions

  2. Improved rich practice in the four language skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing - with particular emphasis on reading and listening


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An Indiana Hoosier In Lord Tsugaru's Court

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The Association for the Scientific Study of Religion-Southwest Region was founded in the early 1980s as an organization where researchers from the liberal arts and the social and behavioral sciences could gather each year to share their research efforts, interests, and ideas as they related to the study of religion in society.  Through the combined efforts of the late sociologist Morton B. King (1930-1993), and professors Harry Hale and Frank Forwood, as well as many others, the ASSR became a reality and joined with the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies (SWCRS) as an organizational section of their regional meeting, held annually in the Dallas, Texas area.

The ASSR-SW has been home to many prominent authors, researchers, and speakers throughout its history who shared the belief that religion is a critical element in the world in which we live and worthy of study and further understanding with the hope that such efforts have positive outcomes for our society and its future.  The organization's continued focus on the study and understanding of religion and belief systems demonstrates its commitment to its original goal.  An Annual Proceedings is published and a collection of past publications is housed in several prominent university libraries.  (The most complete collection of ASSR Proceedings can be found in the Fondren Library on the campus of Rice University in Houston, Texas.)

In addition to those named above who were involved in the founding of the ASSR, others (but not all) very worthy of mention for their contribution of service to and participation in the organization include the late Joseph Stamey, and professors Joe Barnhart, William Zellner, Anson Shupe, Linda Kraeger, Richard Ambler, Mary Ann Clark, Jeter Basden, Todd Jay Leonard, J. B. Watson,  and Jon K. Loessin. [From the ASSR-SW website]

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